About Shetland


Shetland is the most northernmost point of Britain, it is approximately 600 miles north of London. From mainland Scotland, it takes approximately 12 hours by ferry and just over an hour to fly. It has more than a hundred islands with only a few of them inhabited, with approximately 22,000 people.

Shetland has an abundance of wildlife, a large rugged coastline, sizeable areas of open countryside and major archaeological sites of historical importance. Shetlands historical industries include fishing, crofting and various textile industries. This has been supplemented with the addition of the Oil & Gas industry in the 1970’s with the Sullom Voe terminal and the more recent Sella Ness investment.

Shetland also has a historical connection with Norway and can be noticed with various traditions, street names etc.

Consider a tour


If you are local it may encourage you to go and see the sites and scenery we have highlighted, which we may take for granted. Or it may encourage you to visit and make that journey to see our beautiful island, take in the sights, the atmosphere, and the hospitality.

You can tour Shetland at any time of year and be charmed by the seasoned changes of our beautiful landscape, wildlife and local/international events.

We have various sizes of transport, therefore, we can arrange bespoke tours for small or large groups, either together or split numbers, depending on your interests.

We are Shetlanders and have been in the transport business for over 25 years and know nearly all there is to know about our islands, the best sites, and best itineraries for what you want to see, in the time you have available.

Please contact us for any enquiries, whether it is for in the near future or for planning well ahead, we look forward to hearing from you.